Sunday, August 17, 2008

What where they thinking?

I just recently saw this video of some Florida cops beating a suspect in handcuffs repeatedly and one has to wonder what these officers were thinking when they were violating this guys civil rights. It is scary to think that this type of behavior is going on and makes me wonder if we need to do more to better train our officers to be more nice to suspects they have in there custody.

Clearly this guy can sue this sity and each individual officer for what they did and who could blame him. Also charges shoudl eb brought against the officers that particpated in teh beating in my opinion but we will see how this story unfolds.

What is going to be the next BIG thing?

What do you think is going to be the next BIG thing that everyone has to have. Right now I am thinking that the Apple Iphone and phones like it are the BIG thing at the moment but I wonder what the next big thing is going to be and why you think it is going to be.

So please enlighten me and the rest of us with what you think is going to be the next must have thing and why. And do not put food, water, or air as a comment because it will just get removed, okay.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

All the good stuff is on Page 2

Wonder why my blogroll says a number 2 next to every name and it points the the second page of there blog? Well I did it on purpose of course because all the good stuff is usually on Page 2.

When it comes to reading anything most of the good stuff is on the inside so if you get a chance go and check out my friends blogs or go and read your favorite blog but make sure to go to Page 2 because that is where all the goos stuff is, trust me.

Gave up on trying for that goal

I really have given up trying to make a million in life instead I ll be happy if I can make a hlaf million by the time I die. Today it seems with the prices of everything that saving any money is going to be hard if not impossible.

So for now making a million is not even on my mind just trying to find enough money to put into the gas tank is what i son mind. I hope that gas prices continue to fall and go back under 2 dollars gallon but more than likely they are just being lowered for teh elections and right after they are decided it will go back up.

Make sure to laugh at least

Making sure to laugh at least twice a day is something I try do like brushing my teeth twice a day. Having a good time can be done anywhere and making sure to have a good time is something we all need to make sure to do in this life. I figure there are always going to be things that suck in life and are unfair and things we can not really do much about other than complain but we should all try to have as much fun as we do having a bad time.

I am broke today but yet I am happier than i have ever been in my life sometimes when you are down it is when you are at your best or it seems that is the way of my life any how. So matter how bad your life sucks know that it is probably better than mine!!